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Tuesday May 18 2021 

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Wakaw Minor Hockey Constitution




The purpose of a Constitution is to define the principles and structure of an organization. The objective of Bylaws is to define the operating procedures of that association.




Article 1

1.01 Name – This article shall be called Wakaw Minor Sports


Article 2

1.02 Definition – This association shall be the governing body of hockey in Wakaw and shall govern within the framework of the Saskatchewan Hockey Association.


Article 3

1.03 Objectives – The objectives of this association shall be:

  • To administer the operation of hockey in Wakaw.
  • To provide opportunities to develop life skills through hockey experiences.
  • Promote fair play and respect.




Bylaw 1



2.01 – Membership to this association shall be available to any individual upon compliance with the bylaws and regulations of the SHA.


2.02 – Fees

  • Establish registration fees while meeting those registration requirements of the SHA.
    • Fees will be attached as Schedule A.
  • Establish fees for participation.
  • Fees will be set at AGM.
  • Fees are to be paid by November 1st of the playing year.
  • Membership will be suspended until payment in full or other arrangements made with minor sports.
  • Every member shall advise the association of their correct birthday, email address, telephone number, address and physical land location (if applicable), to determine proper registration protocol has been followed.
  • A $50.00 cheque must be presented at time of registration if choosing to work bingo option. These cheques will only be deposited if a bingo is not worked or someone has not been hired to work your bingo. Upon completion of a bingo, the cheque will be destroyed or returned to member if requested at registration.





3.01 Hold regularly scheduled meetings of the Association’s board of directors.

  • Timing of meetings
  • AGM/Board/Zone/Special
    • AGM shall be held in April
    • Board meetings will be held once a month during playing season
    • Board meetings may be called by executive
  • Membership involvement
  • Quorums at meetings
  • Voting at meetings
  • Election of Board of Directors
    • Will take place at AGM


Order of Business

  • Signing of members
  • Call meeting to order
  • Reading of minutes
  • President’s address
  • Reading of correspondence
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Committee reports
    • Referee
    • Fundraising
    • Equipment
  • Election and introduction of executive
  • General/New business
  • Adjournment



Board of Directors

4.01 Directors and Officers

  • Executive
    • President
    • Vice president
    • Last president
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
  • Board
    • Referee-in-chief
    • Fundraising/bingo coordinator
    • Equipment manager




Duties of the President

  • Shall chair all meetings including the Annual Spring and Executive meetings.
  • Shall work in concert with the executive to promote fair play, sportsmanship and harmony within the Wakaw Minor Sorts.
  • Shall be responsible for acting in concert with the executive and on behalf of the Wakaw Minor Sports when dealing with outside agencies such as SVMHA, SASK Sport, CHA, SHA, other leagues and the news media.
  • Shall have the final say in matter concerning player, manager or coach suspensions at the league level.
  • Shall act as an arbitrator in disputes between teams on matter concerning the Scheduling of games, complaints regarding officiating and other matters that directly affect the harmony.
  • Shall confer with SHA executives as required when seeking a fair decision in disciplinary matters.
  • Shall have the final say at league level concerning disciplinary matters in matters involving managers, coaches & players.
  • Shall keep a log detailing all disciplinary actions taken during his/her term (the League secretary shall keep discipline logs for one additional year so the new President can refer to past practice as a guide, after the additional year the discipline log can be destroyed).
  • In the case where one or both parties concerned in a disciplinary matter are not satisfied with a ruling, the standard SHA appeal procedure shall be used to address the matter.
  • Shall research and pursue any policy adjustments which may be required to allow the league to operate in a progressive and fair manner with fair play and sportsmanship being the key reason for any policy changes.


Duties of the Vice President

  • Shall assume the president’s duties in the absence of the president.
  • Shall work in concert with the president and executive to promote fair play, sportsmanship and harmony.


Duties of the Secretary

  • Shall record & maintain minutes from all meetings and shall present these minutes when requested to do so.
  • Shall take possession of the previous minutes and keep updated in a timely fashion.
  • Shall communicate to any written correspondence as required Wakaw minor sports.
  • Shall be responsible for preparing and sending out notification of all meetings.
  • Shall work with the treasurer to collect registrations and submit all paperwork to SHA.
  • Responsible for overall website maintenance, updates and management of website information.


Duties of the Treasurer

  • Shall take possession of the previous books from previous year and keep updated in a timely fashion.
  • Shall maintain financial records for the league.
  • Shall share signing authority with at least two other executive members, one of whom shall be the president. The president’s signature shall be required on any cheques issued in addition to one other executive, preferably the Treasurer.
  • Shall maintain financial records for the previous five years, at the end of five years, a motion and a vote to destroy the financial records older than five years can be made.
  • Shall present a financial report at annual general meeting or as required.
  • Work with the secretary to collect registrations and submit all paperwork to SHA.


Duties of Referee-in-Chief

  • Shall be responsible for overall coordination of refs and officiating duties.


Duties of the Fundraising Coordinator

  • Organize fundraising events for Minor Hockey including Bingo coordination.


Bingo coordination duties:

  • Determine bingo dates and ensure the proper number of bingo workers will be present at bingo.
  • Responsible for concession worker organization and to be the point of contact for the rink attendants and town for out of town rentals.


Duties of the Equipment Manager

  • Shall be responsible for taking inventory of equipment, suggesting equipment needs, and ensuring equipment is returned at the end of the season.






  • Audit can be requested by motion at AGM, an independent auditor or company should be named in the motion.
  • Signing authority. Any two of the following must sign together:
    • President
    • Vice president
    • Treasurer
  • Annual budget to be moved at AGM
  • Minor sports maintains two bank accounts, one for bingo with regulations and one general account





  • Constitution and bylaws
    • Motions to amend or alter the constitution and bylaws can only be approved at the annual general meeting of the association.
    • These amendments shall require a majority of not less than 50% plus 1 of the votes of the meeting, and if passes, shall take effect immediately.
  • Rules/Regulations/Policies
    • The board of directors may amend or alter rules, regulations or policies of the association for the betterment of hockey in the association. Once approved and adopted, these amendments will be sent to the association’s membership to make them aware.



Minor Sports Responsibilities

  • Shall pay for SHA fees and insurance
  • Shall pay for SVMHL fees
  • Shall pay for Scheduled practice and home game ice times
  • Shall pay for ice time one day tournament for all registered teams
  • Shall pay for referee and lines men and home games



Team Responsibilities

  • Shall pay for all out of town tournament fees and costs
  • Shall pay for officials for their home tournament
  • Have a manager someone other than the coach
  • When an Ap’d player is called up to play with above age team, the coach and or manager of the Ap’d player will be notified before player goes on ice.



Procedure for Releases

  • As per SHA guidelines.



Cooling Off Period

  • If issues arise either from a parent to team management or to Wakaw Minor Sports there will be a minimum 24 hour period after the incident before any complaint can be made.







Winding Up


  • Subject to Division XVII of the NonProfit Corporations Act, in the event of dissolution of the association its property and assets shall, after payment of all liabilities, be donated to one or more recognized charitable organizations in Saskatchewan as may be decided by the Association in a general meeting. If not registered as a NonProfit Corporation, a plan should be in place to dissolve all property and assets should dissolution occur.